Application Developer, Machine Learning at Accenture, Pune, India

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Accenture Technology powers our clients businesses with innovative technologies established and emerging changing the way their people and customers experience work, life and entertainment. Join Accenture Technology and you ll translate the operational needs of the world s governments and leading businesses into the innovative technical solutions that will enable them to better serve their customers your friends, family and neighbors. You ll deliver everything from point solutions for a single business function to large, long-term outsourcing services, to complex systems integration installations spanning multiple businesses and functions. You ll create custom-designed solutions or integrate our technology platforms with their operations.

Role : Application Developer

Role Description : Design, build and configure applications to meet business process and application requirements.

Must have Skills : Machine Learning

Job Description :

1) Solid understanding of Probability and Statistics – Populations, samples, mean, median, mode, variation, standard deviations, normal distribution, precision and accuracy Experience -statistics as an model evaluation metric

2) Experience – convex optimization, gradient decent, quadratic programming, partial differential equations, series expansions, matrix operations

3) Experience- implementation-Machine Learning to provide business and IT solutions Text mining, natural language processing, image processing, information retrieval deep learning

4) Must have experience in Machine Learning Deep Learning platforms any 2Watson, SciKit Learn, Azure ML, Tensor Flow, Open CV, etc

5) Programming exp – any 2 languages-R, Python, Java, MATLAB, C/ C 7 and Hands on experience with ML toolkits

6) Expertise models – Naive Bayes, Gaussian Mixture Models, Hidden Markov Model etc algorithm theory, for eg SVM

Full Time Graduation

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